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Horizontal Roll Paper Cutters

Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter
• Dispenses and cuts paper smoothly.

  • Roll changing is easy with dowel holders and knife arms that lock into open position
  • Mounts permanently on a wall, under a counter or on a countertop using the supplied rubber feet (mounting hardware not included)
  • Holds up to 9 diameter roll



  Model # Size/Description Price ($)
  PKP12DIS 12" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-12)
  PKP15DIS 15" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-15)
  PKP18DIS 18" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-18)
  PKP24DIS 24" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-24)
  PKP30DIS 30" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-30)
  PKP36DIS 36" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter (A500-36)
  PKP48DIS 48" Horizontal Roll Paper Cutter Deluxe (A520-48)
  PKP24DHDIS 24" Horizontal Double Roll Paper Cutter (T367R-24)
  PKP36DHDIS 36" Horizontal Double Roll Paper Cutter (T367R-36)
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