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We offer a patent pending Delivered Pricing Program, which ensures that you'll know all your
costs before you order. Our unique system instantly configures your skids based on their destination
ZIP Code to further optimize your landed cost. All orders that meet the minimum threshold to their
destination ZIP Code are always shipped without freight charges. This allows you to build in reliable
margins at the point of sale.
* Fuel Surcharges Apply
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Our Most Recent Location in Atlanta, GA
By: The Packaging Wholesalers




The Packaging Wholesalers





2160 Anvil Block Rd

Forest Park, GA  30297




The Packaging Wholesalers expansion into the Southeast Region has provided an extensive opportunity for faster service and greater product selection.

The Atlanta warehouse stocks over 6,000 items including more than 1,400 corrugated skus. With our local next day delivery, LTL services covering up to 500 miles, and still offering local pick ups within a 2 hour window; you can grow your business by utilizing the Atlanta warehouse as an extension of your own facility.

With competitive prices and local selection, delivery times are accelerated compared to the competition. 


As a true packaging wholesaler, our distributor network is our customer base. We do not sell to end users. Our model compliments your direct purchases with the major manufacturers of corrugated, to fill in the gaps of purchasing direct. 

We strongly believe that our continued expansion will help you sell more packaging and become more profitable. 

We are committed to "The Ease of Doing Business" and will continue setting the standard for superior product quality and customer support. If you have any questions, please call us and we will gladly help! 


The Packaging Wholesalers offers the best selection of...

•  Wholesale Boxes •  Corrugated Boxes •  Cardboard Boxes •  Wholesale Boxes
•  Corrugated Cartons •  Chipboard Cartons •  Chipboard Pads •  Corrugated Mailers
•  Bubble Rolls •  Foam Products •  Edge Protection •  Strapping Guards
•  Food Service Supplies •  Kitchen Supplies •  Green Packaging •  Recyclable Packaging
•  Janitorial Supplies •  Facility Maintenance Supplies •  Labels •  Loose Fill
•  Packaging Machines •  Packaging Machinery •  Mailing Envelopes •  Mailing Boxes
•  Shipping Envelopes •  Packing List Envelopes •  Poly Bags •  Poly Sheeting
•  Protective Wraps •  Single Face Corrugated / VCI •  Single Face VCI •  Shrink Film
•  Steel Strapping •  Plastic Strapping •  Strapping Tools •  Stretch Film
•  Stuffing Paper •  Kraft Paper •  Newsprint Paper •  Tissue Paper
•  Tapes •  Shipping Tapes •  Box Tapes •  Safety Tapes
•  Shipping Boxes •  Bubble Envelopes •  Pallet Protection •  Ecofriendly Packaging
•  Mailing Tubes •  Protective Packaging •  Staplers •  Packing Paper
•  Warehouse Supplies •  Void Fill •  Paper Cutters